Blog infrastructure update

During the past week, the blog engine was updated and a few things were tweaked “under the hood.”  You may have already noticed that the theme has been totally changed.  It’s a modified version of the Blue Box theme by Bob–the header photo is mine.

ODEPACK re-released

Minutes ago I uploaded a tarball containing my re-release of ODEPACK, a standard numerical tool for the solution of systems of ordinary differential equations. The algorithms and numerical code are identical to the distribution found on Netlib, but everything has been placed into an organized “package” with Makefiles, examples, documentation, etc. The code is set …

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Mixing objects of different types in a Boost.python list

Demonstration Code–mixing objects of different types in a Boost.python list In Python, a list is allowed to contain objects of various types. Using Python’s introspection capabilities, it’s easy to process a mixed list because you can just test each list member to see what kind it is, using isinstance(objectA, TypeB). This creates a problem when …

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USPTO tries peer review for software patents

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has launched a trial program to subject software patents to peer review online.  Naturally, the big software companies aren’t exactly publicizing this.  We all know that a lot of stupid patents get issued.  Well, stop complaining and start reviewing!  Let’s make this trial successful!

Truss warmers

Truss warmers are lights used to illuminate truss. Truss is fun to light because it’s semi-reflective and has a neutral color, so it easily reflects whatever color is used to light it. We used a little par light on one end of a section of truss to turn it blue, with a “cap” taped on …

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