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I am a Senior Pre-Sales Cloud Engineer/Solutions Architect with SADA, an Insight Company. I help customers take full advantage of Google Cloud (Workspace, Maps, and Google Cloud Platform) by providing consultative advice and scoping professional services engagements. I work with mid-sized corporations to large enterprises across a variety of industry verticals, but primarily in high-compliance areas such as fintech and information security.

Previously, I was a Principal Consultant and co-founder at Rootwork InfoTech LLC, a professional services business meeting IT infrastructure needs of small to mid-sized organizations. I sold my share of the business to my business parter and co-founder Mike Soule, and he continues to operate the business. If your organization is “too small” to engage with the major IT services companies, but you need a high level of enterprise-grade infrastructure expertise, please reach out to Mike at Rootwork.

On the other hand, if you are using Google Cloud Platform at the enterprise level, feel free to contact me at craig.finch@sada.com.

In previous roles, I have extensive experience in research and development, computational science and engineering, data science, software development, enterprise IT, and entrepreneurship.

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  • PhD, Modeling and Simulation, University of Central Florida
  • MS in Electrical Engineering, University of Central Florida
  • BS in Electrical Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



Research Interests

Dr. Finch is interested in developing mathematical models and simulation software to predict the behavior of physical systems. He has worked with many types of simulations including computational electromagnetics, computational fluid dynamics, multi-physics and molecular modeling. He is familiar with C/C++, Fortran, MATLAB, and PHP, but his favorite programming language is Python.


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  1. I have read your comments in the following thread for in raspbian Buster.

    Will the following settings be enough to get me connected to the web?

    As of Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster), the syntax for defining environment variables has changed from the older syntax shown in other answers. The export keyword is no longer supported in the /etc/environment file, and causes errors like this:
    invalid variable name “export http_proxy”, ignoring.
    Edit /etc/environment and set 3 lines to proxy both secure insecure requests:
    Restart the system for changes to take effect. After rebooting, open a terminal and type the following to see if the variables are present:
    env | grep proxy
    Note that Chromium (the default browser) often caches pages even on a “hard refresh,” so your proxy settings may not appear to work. Use an incognito window to open a test site.

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