Past Research and Development Projects

  • Used nonlinear optimization tools to develop signal processing devices
  • Modeled the effect of parasitics from bond wires and packaging on the performance of radio-frequency devices, using a combination of lumped-element and finite-element models
  • Created a reduced-order model of the accuracy and penetration performance of armor-piercing projectiles, for use in a OneSAF tactical simulation
  • Developed a basic flight-training scenario for the Orlando Executive Airport, including custom 3D scenery objects
  • Built a sensor to quantify the kinetics of protein adsorption using a whispering gallery mode optical resonator

Current Research and Development Projects

  • Developing a custom reacting boundary condition for a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver
  • Developing a Brownian dynamics simulation to predict the adsorption of proteins on engineered biomaterials
  • Developing a model of a sensor for detecting harmful bacteria in the presence of harmless bacteria
  • Developing a high-speed technique to classify action potentials of neurons, which will be used in a high-throughput system for drug discovery

Ideas for the future

The following are ideas for projects that I have not had time to work on.  I believe that they have practical benefits, and I would like to develop them as I find time and funding.  If any of these projects would benefit you, please contact me.

  • Develop a method to interface finite-element electromagnetic simulations with lumped-element circuit models
  • Accelerate many-body simulations using graphics acceleration hardware, such as NVIDIA CUDA
  • Build a practical biosensor utilizing a whispering-gallery mode optical resonator.  Specifically, develop a resonator with an integrated waveguide that eliminates the need to manually fabricate and align resonators and waveguides.

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