Truss warmers

Truss warmers are lights used to illuminate truss. Truss is fun to light because it’s semi-reflective and has a neutral color, so it easily reflects whatever color is used to light it. We used a little par light on one end of a section of truss to turn it blue, with a “cap” taped on the other end to keep the light from spilling out onto other stage objects.
We also had some Trackspot lights sitting on the floor. Because the hazer wasn’t working they were pretty much useless, so I positioned two of them to point into the ends of truss that didn’t have blue lights. The Trackspots have a dozen or so colors built in, so it was possible to change the color of the center truss.
Empty Stage
Rumor has it we have some small LED color-changing fixtures on order…those should be great fun as truss warmers!

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