My current Gentoo Linux setup

This post is a reminder to myself more than it is intended for anyone else.  Well, that’s most of this blog.  Gentoo is a great distribution of Linux, but you have to install everything yourself. This is a good thing, because you get a very lean system, but the downside is that you are re-inventing the wheel somewhat with every install. So, without further ado, here is my current favorite configuration:
Global USE flags: X cups dbus hal jpeg png gs dvi gif tiff mpeg bzip2 gtk lapack tetex -gnome -kde
Package list (basic software):

Package list (technical software):

  • blas-atlas
  • lapack-reference
  • numpy (unstable 0.90.1)
  • matplotlib (Matlab-like plotting package for Python)
  • texlive (experimental, hard-masked)
  • lyx
  • evince (dvi, ps, pdf viewer)
  • paraview (3D visualization of datasets, unstable)

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