IGES file reader

I am creating a Python library for reading CAD files in IGES format.   I have barely started on the project–so far, it should be able to parse arbitrary IGES files without crashing, and it can extract useful information for line segments and rational B-spline curves.   That’s all I need to get my work done right now, so I don’t feel justified in spending too much more “company time” on this.  I am hoping that other people will help me by adding Python classes to represent the types of entities that they need.

Update: January 2018

IGES is now a legacy format that has been officially replaced by STEP (ISO 10303). The US PRO organization no longer exists, and NIST is no longer maintains any useful information about IGES. Dennette Arthur Harrod, Jr. of Wiz-Worx, one of the main technical minds behind IGES, is nowhere to be found on the Internet. Since people still need to access legacy data that is only available in IGES format, I am going to post the IGES 5.3 Standard (pdf) here. I make no claim to own or have any rights to this document. It’s posted strictly as a service to the community.

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