LISP is cool but annoying

I spent today organizing my personal finances in GnuCash. I also spent a few hours customizing a report, which unfortunately means hacking in Scheme, a “dialect” of LISP. Don’t get me wrong, I actually like LISP/Scheme quite a bit. What I don’t like is writing code in “normal” languages, like C++ and Python, all week long and then switching to Scheme. Scheme has a totally different syntax and requires a different way of thinking about a problem. Normal language:
result = myfunction (argument1, argument2)
Scheme code:
(myfunction (argument1 argument2))
If you have never seen a LISP language, find one and check it out. Here are the links I always use:

Also check out the custom report page on the GnuCash wiki,to which I am a contributor.


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