Lighting for February 11/12

Nothing too exciting this weekend in the lighting department. In a change from last time, two Studiospots were flown from a pipe just in front of the stage. I don’t think they’re real useful in that position because they’re too close to the stage to really light a person, and we normally don’t use enough haze to make the beams really visible. I used them to create patterns on the white backdrop, but you can’t see them very well in this picture.Indescribable 11 Feb 07
We did manage to get some good coordination between the lighting colors and the the background graphics.Sacred, look 1, 11 Feb 07Breathe, look 1, 11 Feb 07
Here’s another example of how the camera changes the look of the colors. In this case, the  camera has increased its sensitivity to capture the darker portions of the image, which caused the blue and amber lights on the backdrop to appear much more intense than they actually were. In reality, they were light pastel colors. I need to experiment with my camera to find out if one of the metering modes will improve this.
Forever, look 2, 11 Feb 07

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