Running network experiments on the GENI project

The GENI Project is a networking testbed that is used by researchers studying novel networking technologies. While the technology is fascinating, the web site is, unfortunately, a confusing mess. Here are some pointers to get you started (or refresh your memory). This post will be updated as I learn more.

Key GENI Links

GENI Portal

This is where you log into the GENI Project. Your institution must have Shibboleth enabled and be part of the InCommon Federation. Click on the “Use GENI” button, enter the name of your institution into the search box, and you will be redirected to your institution’s login page.

GENI Documention

Tutorials, How-Tos, and other documentation can be found at the GENI Experimenter Page.

Using GENI

There multiple user interfaces to GENI.


Flack is a graphical user interface for controlling GENI experiments. It runs in a web browser.


Omni is a command-line application for controlling GENI experiments. Omni is part of the GCF package, which must be installed on a PC, Mac, or Linux box.

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