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I’m almost finished with a round of updates to the infrastructure of this site. I upgraded WordPress and changed my hosting from a friend’s virtual server to Linux hosting with  The price is right and so far the service has been great.  I’ve used GoDaddy for domain name registration for many years.
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Comments are now protected with reCaptcha to try to reduce the amount of link spam that I have to sort through.  If you have a problem posting a comment, or notice any other aspect of the site that is “broken,” please contact me at the email address shown on the About page.
I still have a bit of work to do on updating my theme to take advantage of the features of WordPress 3.

2 thoughts on “Blog infrastructure updated”

  1. Hi Craig, if you are using WordPress there should be no need to use captcha. I run two websites (a cooking site and a scientific computing blog at, both of which are hosted with GoDaddy by the way, and I’ve been extremely happy with Akismet. There are only few rare instances when a spam slips through, one in a thousand if that. The whole spam check is completely invisible to the user.

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