A self-contained Fortran linear equation solver

I’ve just released a self-contained Fortran module that solves a system of linear equations using the LU decomposition.
Download the Fortran linear solver from github
This module is based on code that was implemented and released on the Web by Jean-Pierre Moreau.  His implementation was based on one of the Numerical Recipes books.  I updated his code to a more strict Fortran 90 standard and added the necessary comments so that it can be built as a Python module using f2py.  I replaced Jean-Pierre’s Fortran test program with a simpler, self-contained program.  I also included a Python script that implements the same test case.
I created this module because sometimes a self-contained routine is more appropriate than a full library.  I am compiling a library that implements a custom boundary condition for a proprietary computational fluid dynamics solver (CFD-ACE+).  The library has to be written in Fortran, and it has to be built using a proprietary set of build scripts.  I could either try to reverse-engineer the build process and to modify it to link to a shared library like LAPACK, or I could implement a self-contained solver.  Since Pierre had already implemented the solver, I was able to slightly modify his code and get it working relatively quickly.

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