X.org configuration for a Gentoo guest on VMWare Fusion

Here is an xorg.conf for a Gentoo guest running in VMWare Fusion on MacOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard).  It’s surprisingly simple to set up X when the hardware is fake 😉  Gentoo runs great on a Macbook Pro 13″.  I was concerned at first about the lack of 3D acceleration, but I tried a few 3D applications and found the performance to be acceptable.  Blender ran really smoothly with a simple model (once I found out that command-click is equivalent to middle click).  Rotating a field of several hundred spheres in Paraview was a little slow, but still very acceptable.
I also bought a Logitech wireless mouse, and found that the middle button works just as you’d expect (paste) in Gentoo running in Fusion.  I didn’t have to install the Logitech drivers in OS X.

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