Cool set design: part 1

After a longer-than-expected holiday break, I’m back with a slightly different topic: set design and construction. Someone else designs and builds our sets, but I get to light them, and I’m usually tasked with documenting them. Our lighting console evaluations have been on hold for the holidays, but I plan to get back to it later this month.

The set I’m writing about today is one of the more exotic ones we’ve tried. Here’s how it looked when lit

Walkin (16 Sept 2007)

Pieces were cut from white Styrofoam and stitched together to make a wall of crazy curves:

Set details 2Set details

The set was lit from below with cheap LED panels. The black boxes in front of the fixtures are cinder blocks that are basically sitting there to keep people from stepping on or kicking the fixtures as they enter and exit the stage.

COLORpalette LED washes

These LED fixtures are handy, but they have their drawbacks. That will be the subject of another post.


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