LDI Report::Part 2::Cool Products

These are a few interesting products that I saw at LDI.  I spent most of my time at the show looking at and trying out various lighting control consoles.  I didn’t have time to prowl around the smaller booths where the most interesting products are sometimes hidden.  These are just the things that caught my eye on the way from one place to the next.  Over the next month, I will go deep into detail on the lighting consoles I saw, so I’m excluding that product segment from this post.
Skyview video balloon
Here is a giant video ball from Skyview.  It’s inflatable, it will float if filled with helium, and it has a video screen.
This is an innovative product for the film industry from Airstar.  It’s an inflatable flood light.  The large, inflatable reflector housing seem easy to set up, and compact to store when deflated.
This is Airstar‘s booth.  I was really impressed with these illuminated spheres, which can also be filled with helium to make them float in midair.  Check out their gallery page for cool applications.  I want to rent some of these!
Last but not least, the Fogscreen!  It uses plain water and ultrasonics to produce a very fine fog of water–the drops are so fine that it doesn’t even feel like water, and you don’t get wet at all from standing in it.  The fog is forced into a sheet that can be used as a screen for projection.

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