April 1, 2007 Lighting for solo vocalists

This weekend, two songs started with a solo vocalist.  I used the front lights to highlight the solos and provide a transition when the rest of the singers and the band joined in.
Open The Gates
In the following song, the female vocalist at stage left leads the song, so I highlighted her for the first look by dimming the front lights on the rest of the band and singers.
I then brought up front lights on the other singers and band members.
Endlessly 2
I did the same thing for this song, but with a different lead vocalist.
The Stand
The Stand
And three more songs…
Awesome God
Beautiful The Blood
Carried To The Table
We did one cool thing that I didn’t photograph.  We have six pars on the ceiling throughout the auditorium that light the walls.  With blue gels, we used them as “house lights” while communion was being served.

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