Science by press release

There’s a reason that the scientific community uses a peer-review process to validate publications.  Unfortunately, the “global warming” branch of climate science doesn’t operate this way.   Recently, excerpts of a report from the UN International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) were leaked to the press ahead of the release of the full report.  As usual, they released the most scandalous and exciting bits and left out all the qualifiers and complexity that make for good science but poor headlines.  In this case, “Australia will suffer more droughts, fires, floods and storms” and the “Great Barrier Reef will be devastated by 2030.”  We’re not supposed to ask how they came up with these predictions.  Further, with a report prepared by more than 2000 scientists and beaurocrats, nobody actually has to face consequences if their predictions don’t hold true.
I wish I had time to get into the details of climate models and explain how these things work, and expose their strengths and weaknesses….

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