Blog infrastructure update

During the past week, the blog engine was updated and a few things were tweaked “under the hood.”  You may have already noticed that the theme has been totally changed.  It’s a modified version of the Blue Box theme by Bob–the header photo is mine.

Who got fired for this?

What an unusual pine tree! Who would have guessed that this is actually a giant antenna, cleverly disguised as a tree? I just hope that my taxpayer dollars weren’t used on this monstrosity.

How the E815 dies

I have a Motorola E815 cell phone.  This morning, I was reminded why it hasn’t been an entirely satisfying experience.  The E815 has excellent reception (on Verizon’s network) and lots of software features that work really well. Unfortunately the mechanical quality leaves a lot to be desired.  The E815’s weakness is the socket where the …

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